VIT Attendance App!!!


Tired of visiting the FFCS – VIT Student login  to just view your ATTENDANCE ?

Here it a application created by students of VIT itself (not me) , which may facilitate you to to view your attendance ANYTIME , ANYWHERE and this MAKES IT REAL QUICK! Get it now !

Download link :


9 thoughts on “VIT Attendance App!!!

  1. Ashvin says:

    VIT’s changed the captcha style…guess the app doesn’t work anymore…at least for now it doesn’t.

  2. naditbhoot says:

    @Ashvin : Yeah,that is true.I agree the app won’t be working for now and would need some enhancements and a little fixing. I am glad to hear that the technical team (developers who are the support team of the app ) are on it and are trying fix it as soon as possible.

  3. DEEP says:

    They better fix it because it is better off checking the attendance via this app than getting into the student login .

  4. Well, VIT changed their captcha to an (almost) unbreakable one! But, we have fixed it all up 🙂 (It’s not online yet.)

    People will now need to enter the captcha everytime they launch the app. I’ll be getting in talks with VIT to get us a way around this.

    We’ll be relaunching in January!

    PS. Thanks Nadit for blogging about it! 🙂

  5. Ashwanth says:

    Is this app available for ios.?
    Let me know

    • Naditbhoot says:

      Hello Ashwanth, as said earlier it would relaunched around this time. The Android one is on the verge of completion, The IOS one is worked upon and both would out pretty soon 🙂

  6. Work has finished in the android app guys! we plan to release it just a few days after CAT 1. I have started working on the iOS app, while my friend is almost finishing with the Windows Phone app. Till that time, iOS users can use the webapp!

  7. Naditbhoot says:

    Reblogged this on Nadit Bhoot and commented:

    New Android Attendance App. on the verge of completion.

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