Christmas Holidays


December fun,.. Well actually speaking, I am really bored and jobless at home.. Killing time either by roaming around the city (cafe’s, friends) or just lazing around in the house. Fun part, movies and games with family.. Holidays are about to get over, with a fresh start of my college. That would be a few days after the New year blast!!


My First Ever Concert! ! on 12.12.12

My First Ever Concert! !  on 12.12.12

My First Ever Concert! !  on 12.12.12

Guns N’ Roses, Gurgaon with my college friends !! Music had always been one of the greatest passion in my life with hip hop in start ,then more into Dubstep , Electro house, Progressive.Respecting and appreciating all kinds of music is what I’ve always believed in.Well, I wouldn’t say Guns N’ Roses or any other hard rock band is my favorite,but yeah I really loved the concert held on 12.12.12 in Gurgaon. But yeah, entering into this new genre( a complete different world) gives me a good feeling. I have finally decided to learn guitar. Looking forward to more and more concerts of different types letting my love for music sustain and multiply !