Merry Christmas !!



39 thoughts on “Merry Christmas !!

  1. Like the festive feel. Though you could reduce the noise a bit. (Just a suggestion :))

    • Naditbhoot says:

      I know right ! ? 😀 .. And yeah, I would keep on eye on my upcoming clicks.. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂 . * Keep suggesting, its good to get an experts advice ;)* . Also, I am a mobile photographer for now , looking forward to buy a proper camera soon.

      • No man! i told you, I am no where close to being an amateur also. Expert dur ki baat. haha I just get this weird happiness when i go for photowalks, or when i travel. That’s all. 🙂 Oh and, You don’t need an slr (or a ‘proper’ camera) to take good pictures.. Unless you are really looking forward to buy one.
        Let me know if i can help you with anything. (y)

    • Naditbhoot says:

      Hahaha ! Modesty,at its heights! 😛 .. And yeah, i share the same feeling while traveling to places ! .. By your pictures, haan tu expert hi hain ! *at least according to me and others if they are sane enough* ! yeah, i know good pictures can be taken without one ., thats why i have been sticking around my mobile for almost a year 😛 .. Now, i am looking forward to buy a good one .. just good enough to take a proper macro photo but also which could zoom enough .. Small and cheap .. around 30 to 35 k .. not bulky is what i am looking for ! Any ideas ? .. Thanks a lot btw ! 😀

      • Nadit! (If i can call you that ?) , I’m glad you like my work. Though this isn’t it. Are you on Instagram ? I’ve put up loads there. Used to be very regular with instagram before.. but not much now. Like, i put put a picture once in 2 days, or whenever i’ve shot something new. (With a theme mostly.. which i call ‘series’ :))
        Oh and about you buying a camera.. 30-35 is cheap ? bade log (:p)
        So basically, it’s not the cameras that are bulky. Its the lens that makes it look bulky. So if you can tell me what exactly you like shooting, i can suggest you a good one.
        Now clearly, nikon users would suggest you Nikon, and canon users would suggest you to buy canon. I’ve worked a bit with both.. but frankly i love Nikon. As per what i’ve shot till date, i’ve felt that i could produce certain (Really classic ones) photographs with Nikon, (and that i couldn’t , with Canon). Plus it’s easy to use also. I have the Nikon D5100. It falls within the range you mentioned.
        Again.. you must decide as to what you’d like to shoot exactly, And then buy accordingly. That’s about it 🙂
        Further, let me know if you need help with this.
        No issues. 😀

  2. (Sorry for the long message. Haha ^)

    • Naditbhoot says:

      Hahahah ! Oh C’mon !! Don’t be sorry for thaat ! And yeah, you can call me that , Janaki *if u are fine with that 😀 * .. Yeah I am on instagram ..My label is nadit_bhoot .. What’s yours ? Same here i was also addicted to it initially and then gradually stopped using it .. Not stopped stopped but yeah less frequent ..
      LOL, about the price , .. nahi nahi not bade log and all 😛 just that whenever i ask a photographer about a SLR for me he/she usually go for 90k or something ..that’s why 😀
      And yeah, i was looking forward to Nikon D5100 ..Which brings me into dilemma of buying the camera with a normal lens which is around (18mm to 55mm ) or should i go for (18mm to 105mm ) .. The one with 105 is pretty costly, costing upto 45k and the other is around 33k ..
      Do you think 55mm is more than enough ? coz i am totally new to the lens thing .. And thanks for helping me out ! xD

      • Haha Nadit, you still haven’t told me what you want to shoot exactly. See, 18-55mm is good for basic shooting. Like things at a normal distance. But if you want to shoot macro, it will differ right ?
        18-105 mm is good too.
        Actually 18-300mm is THE SHIT !
        But , it’s too freakin’ expensive. (Hopefully if i save up for a couple of years (minimum 50 :P), i should be able to buy one.)

        Btw, if you’re buying the camera, please take it with the 18-55mm. It’s always good to have that one. For basic purposes. For initial stages of shooting. Yeah ?

  3. Naditbhoot says:

    Oh yeah about the shooting part .. i just want to capture basic stuff .. . Got it .. I think 18mm to 55mm would be it for me ..
    yeah about the macro part .. i am sorry i don’t really get it .. i would be able to capture macro type picture using a 18 mm lens right ?
    Haha .. I hope you u get that soon .. I’ll be able to see more pictures on your blog ;D
    And yeah, I think I’ll go with 18 to 55mm one. Thanks a lot ! xD

    • Okay stop thanking. I hope i can help. 🙂
      To capture macro, you’ll need a certain lens (which again will be bulky (or heavy). So you can’t really help it.
      Though a 45-105mm shouldnt be an issue. (SIGMA <– That's a good company. Affordable stuff!)
      But it also depends on the camera you buy.

      I think, to begin with you should shoot with 18-55mm. Then once you're sick of it, go ahead and get a bigger one. Lol. No, thats bad advice.
      I mean, when you feel the need to shoot more wide angle ones, then get the required one.
      But an 18-55mm IS a must.

      • Naditbhoot says:

        Hey,.. (late . sorry .. had exams :D) … I got it.. I got a nice idea about the lens thing now .. I think I’ll go for 18 – 55mm for a fresh start . And then when i get the urge for more i would go for others which u mentioned xD .. Thanks 😛 *i can’t help it i am very thankfull*

  4. Oh and i changed it for the 3rd time. (did you see the new one ?)
    SO darn confused.
    I am going to stick to this one for a while now. 😀

  5. AND i changed the title of my blog.
    Suits me. 😛

  6. Naditbhoot says:

    College,college . Done with first year .. Have holidays going on right now .. What are u doing ??

    • Same here, dude! Second year started.
      Oh and i saw your instagram account yesterday. Randomly nice.
      Liked it. 🙂

      I’ll post something today, on IG. Been ages. :\

      • Naditbhoot says:

        Hahah! ! Which course ? xD .. I am doing CSE in VIT …And thanks .. Also, you have AMAZING pics on IG ! ! *i got too busy with holidays 😛 , hence late reply *

  7. Oh, and im working for this fashion magazine too. Part time only. 7 mroe days left. 😛

    And regular college on.

    What else do you do ?

    • Naditbhoot says:

      Wow. Fashion Magazine, that’s really great to know ! What is the name of the magazine ? i’ll have look too. What work do you have there ? Photography ? (Oops, too many questions ) 😛
      ME.Just college,learning guitar and Listen to music. Love music. Nothing else actually. Next great project is creating a website for my dad’s business. Let’s see xD

      • I worked for this fashion magazine called VERVE. I interned in the photography dept. (Not too many questions. Chill )

        Learning guitar ? That’s great!
        Website for dad’s business !! haha that’s awesome. Let me know when you’re done with it. I’d like to have a look at it. 🙂

      • Naditbhoot says:

        Wow.Badddeee log 😛 .. (Verve, that’s amazing !) ..*inspired totally * by your passion for photography 😀 xD

        haha..thanks ..Sure. But let me tell you something you’ll find that site too boring tough ..It going to be (if i would make it ) an online shopping thing .. It would take a while .:D

        Send me some links if you have it online of your work in the magazine.. Just wanted to have a look .. Wanted to see how good thy are and explore your work 😉 😀

    • Naditbhoot says:

      And is that internship or just because you have out of passion towards it ?? Or probably both ? 😀

  8. I am doing Economics now !

    Busy with holidays ? haha doing what ?

    Arre log toh free ho jaate hai holidays mei. Tu toh busy ho gaya. ahah
    Me too actually. I tend to get busier during holidays. Lol

    • Naditbhoot says:

      HAHA.. I am doing CSE Engineering in VIT …Busy with holidays matlab , holidays ke mazzze lene main busy ho gaya tha 😛 .. LOL ….Roaming with friends and stuff 😛 .. Firse late reply kyunki didn’t come online., got busy with college start and stuff. 😀

      College just started back again..ab bas vellapanti shuru 😛

      Have HARDWELL coming up soon ..21st Sept ..Can’t wait for it !! 😛 😉

      • haha sahi hai. Mazeee kar. 😛
        I am sloggin now. Exams start bhi ho gaye. Submissions too, actually. :/

        Oh yes, hardwll !! You’ll be there, is it ? 😀

      • Naditbhoot says:

        Oh ! Haha ..Chill,..exams,submissions come and go …Relax 😀

        Yup..I won’t miss Hardwell (obviously ) ! 😉 😛 … I’ll be going for the Bangalore one .. I guess you would be going for the one in Mumbai right ?

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