The whole new beginning : Second semester

Well, yeah blogging after pretty sometime ( new blogger you see). Second semester, woo hoo! Hmm,a surprisingly  amazing start of college life after the Winter holidays.Amazing , how ? First of all the Pongal holidays , that is going back to house in just 3 days of college  for four days!!  And then, come the second week of the semester, .. well frankly speaking this weekend was the like the best weekend of my life. Yeah of my LIFE. That’s  because I attended on of the best music concerts in  Indian History, which is  none other than ( SHM  !! ) Swedish House Mafia in Bangalore. Many things made the weekend exciting and fun, obviously the concert  itself was one of the best ingredients  but it was also the friends whom I had gone with which made it a amazing stay in Bangalore. Not only that, I also had  managed to stay at my uncle’s place as the concert which was supposed to  be held on the sunday had been postponed to the next day ( Monday ).  SHM, One Last Tour

And NOWWW , the normal college life started. Oops, normal in VIT ? One of the  Biggest questions. It’s time for Riviera ! One of the largest and the biggest cultural college fests in India. Yes, India. It is really  amazing to see the different  clubs in VIT to work super hard ( don’t forget working hard does not always mean pain in the head ) to bring up the numerous events for Riviera. Also , it’s damn good to see your friends performing the various auditions which includes activities like singing, concerts, acting, dancing and let’s not forget the style check! It’s late in the night .. Have a lot more to say, and would later in the upcoming posts. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The whole new beginning : Second semester

  1. Don’t you worry , don’t you worry chiiiillldddd.

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