New Android Attendance App. on the verge of completion.

Nadit Bhoot


Tired of visiting the FFCS – VIT Student login  to just view your ATTENDANCE ?

Here it a application created by students of VIT itself (not me) , which may facilitate you to to view your attendance ANYTIME , ANYWHERE and this MAKES IT REAL QUICK! Get it now !

Download link :

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Moral Stories

“There are two mahaa-phala daayaka Vrukshas. One by the name Vaasudeva and the other by the name Vaamadeva. They differ only in their sumas (flowers) (‘su’ is replaced by ‘ma’ in their names), but both give the same phalas (fruits, which is moksham)”. It is also often said, “How much one does not see the difference between Shiva and Vishnu, that much his aayu will increase”.

One day, when Lakshmi and Vishnu were together in vihaaram, Lakshmi sees Ucchaishravam, her brother, the horse of Revanta who is the son of Surya. Engrossed in seeing her brother, she does not reply to the repeated calls of Vishnu. Seeing her attraction, Vishnu gives her shaapam to go to Bhulokam in the form of a horse and come back to Vaikuntam only after getting a son equal to Himself! She comes to Bhuloka to experience the shaapam and realizing that none other than…

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