9 Things People Won’t Tell You About Getting A Job After College

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Thought Catalog

1. You’ll Become A Fine Purveyor Of Coffee or Tea

For 20 plus years, you were mystified as to why adults couldn’t seem to function without clutching a hot cylindrical cup. As you powered through college with all-nighters here and there, the answer became more clear. But the coffee drinking back then was more predicated on what was affordable, and what got the job done. Translation: we oftentimes went with Red Bull

Now coffee (or tea) is not only a necessary part of a proper morning routine, but it’s considered “a thing to do.” Instead of spending most nights drinking, you’ll be spending most mornings telling everyone the merits of your fine home-brewed Colombian Roast; something that’s become a crucial component of an overly elaborate morning routine.

Speaking of which…

2. You’ll Value The Sanctity of a Routine

One of the #hardertruths you’ll learn from postgraduate life is that you…

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