My First Ever Concert! ! on 12.12.12

My First Ever Concert! !  on 12.12.12

My First Ever Concert! !  on 12.12.12

Guns N’ Roses, Gurgaon with my college friends !! Music had always been one of the greatest passion in my life with hip hop in start ,then more into Dubstep , Electro house, Progressive.Respecting and appreciating all kinds of music is what I’ve always believed in.Well, I wouldn’t say Guns N’ Roses or any other hard rock band is my favorite,but yeah I really loved the concert held on 12.12.12 in Gurgaon. But yeah, entering into this new genre( a complete different world) gives me a good feeling. I have finally decided to learn guitar. Looking forward to more and more concerts of different types letting my love for music sustain and multiply !


Exploring and travelling is the key to knowledge and amazing experiences in life..


Moving around is something humans have long learnt to be comfortable with. Being the family of an engineer with a transferable job, you learn pretty early anyway. This is not a travelogue, this blog is just basically writing about the places I’ve lived. To be fair, I’ve only had to move twice in my student life, but that seems like good enough fodder for right now. A travelogue is always an option, after all!

This first post is about


The biggest city of Gujarat, it was home for 14 long years. That’s just how it is. Live for a while, you’ll love it. It’s comfortable, people are easy going, and there’s good food. We don’t ask for much anyway!

Development is incredibly fast, and it shows. You fall in love. And not one person can blame you for it. Life is easy, and people are fun. You breathe.



Ahmedabad made me the…

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Is Photography Dead? A History From Early Cameras to Instagram [INFOGRAPHIC]

The use of Instagram has been increasing by huge amount. I, personally have been addicted to instagram (recently). Photography from the beginning of it’s time has acquired different phases. These different phases in the photography is due to the different lifestyles adopted by us. Below is a link which gives us a small idea on the different changes bought about in photography..

Lite the night !!

Lite the nite !! #mcc #lights #lanterns #wow #amazing #ecofriendly #fun #chennai

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Lite the night at MCC ,Chennai.. Had amazing fun lighting lanterns with my old school friends .. It was more like a small reunion of Chettinad Vidyasharam (my school ) :’D . Also, met one of my closest friends, Kiran and her college mates . Had a nice time celebrating Diwali with friends and family.